Our goal is to produce above standard quality of kittens.






Pet Quality Pet quality doesn’t mean a less healthy or less good looking kitten/cat. Not all kittens are chosen by us for the show ring. Subtle physical differences such as ear placement, shade or pattern of coat that would not make a suitable candidate for showing. Pet kittens are still of the highest quality and make beautiful and lovable family pets - still representing the breed wonderfully. Unless you are a breeder or experienced in showing, it is very unlikely that you will ever notice any difference between show and pet quality.

Price range $1200.00 (Sold with spay/neuter terms - not to be bred)


Show Quality  Representing years of hard work and careful selection of pedigrees they meet breed standards equivalent to Champion and/or above show titles. Most all have good possibilities of higher ranking show titles. You may choose not to show you new kitten, however we will assist if you desire to enter the show ring.

Price $1500.00 (Sold with spay/neuter terms - not to be bred)


Breeder Quality - These cats meet and exceed the expectations for show possibilities, and have the potential to carry the highest awards in show titles. In this case we would keep this quality of cat to be shown and continue in our breeding program. These kittens are rarely sold and if considered for sale would be candidates for qualified experienced breeders for the show and breeding possibilities.

$2500.00 minimum (Sold with restricted breeding terms)


Once a reservation is placed, the position on the birth waiting list will be determined by the date the money is received. The entire deposit is applied toward the cost of the kitten. Upon a litter being born, kitten buyers are contacted in the order of reservation. At that time the buyer has the option of stating that they will choose a kitten from that litter or wait for another litter for a specific choice in color or gender.


Deposit Fee $300.00 U.S.

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WE do not ship kittens or retired adults - you must pick up your kitten in person.

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You must bring a carrier to pick up your cat or kitten.

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