Diesel is now GC,RW Maine Lvrs Diesel of Sempercoons!!!


We are so happy:) He finished number 12 in the top 25 cats regionally and he is the 9th Best Maine Coon in the country in the 2011-2012 show season!! 



Thanks for all the judges and friends that supported us through this journey...we will remember this always as a amazing experience running our first Regional Winner!




Cuzzoe Alejandro "Omega" granded at the Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers held in Knoxville, TN on 3/26/2011. Walter Hutzler granded Omega with Best LH Premier and Best AB Premier!

Jeff and I pictured here with Judge Liz Watson. This was the ring Nalla granded in! What a thrill to have our first grand! January 29th-30th 2011


Jeff and I pictured here with our son Colton and Judge Jan Rodgers in the ring Laggie granded in! Our 1st Sempercoons Female Grand!! It only took 2 shows to grand her! What a great accomplishment for a female MC. Granded March 28th 2015


GC,GP Sempercoons Antares " Terry" of Sandbar. 

Terry was Sempercoons 1st Grand Champion of our breeding! He is loved and spoiled by our wonderful friend Sandra Jaqua in Tennessee. She granded Terry in Championship at Cotton States in 2013 and then after he was neutered granded him in Premiership in May 2014. She showed him beautifully and we could have never imagined a better home for him! Thank you so much Sandra!   


GC TheCatHut Boone of Sempercoons

Boone is currently one of our breeders and he is making some amazing babies in our breeding program.

Boone achieved his Grand Championship March 22nd 2014 at the Tennessee Valleys Cat Show!!


GC Maine Delites Paradyze of Sempercoons

Paradyze has recently retired from our breeding program after 4 years and has moved on to her forever home with Jennifer and her amazing family. She has certainly left her forever mark in our cattery with her amazing children, Laggie, Babygirl and Mason!!! She is a amazing female and came with a awesome pedigree from Maine Delite Cattery and we are were we are today because of this girl! Paradyze was Granded on May 5th 2012 at the Rebel Rousers Cat Club!! 


Meet Sempercoons Mason!!! He is our newest Show baby and at just 5 months of age he came out into the show world swinging for the fences! In the 1st show of the new show season that started May 1st 2015 he was Best Kitten in Show!! He is now with a very good friend of ours Lyn Knight who will be showing him in kitten Class and Championship class to help in her quest for the judging program! We cant wait to see what the future holds for this little man! We are so excited!

Mason went to the Rebel Rousers Cat show in Atlanta May 2nd and 3rd. He was Best Kitten in Show!!!! Big congrats to Lyn who showed him beautifully!!


He got 7 finals!!!  BEST, 2ND, BEST, 3RD, 7TH, 6TH, BEST!!! Way to go Lyn and Mason!!

Mason went to the Sounthern Regional Show in Duluth, GA June 13th and 14th. He was Best Kitten in Show!!!! Big congrats to Lyn who showed him beautifully!!



He got 8 finals!!!  BEST, 2nd , 2nd, 2nd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 5th!!! Way to go Lyn and Mason!!

Mason went to the Colonial Annapolis Show Regional Show in Parkville, MD June 6th and 7th. Big congrats to Lyn who showed him beautifully!!


He got 5 finals!!  BEST, 4TH, 5TH, 4TH, 4TH