We are Jeff and Cheryl Holmes and we would like to thank you for your interest in our website! We started showing Maine Coon cats in CFA in August 2010. My husband always had a passion for this breed and as a gift last year I found a beautiful Maine Coon female named Nalla. The breeder we received her from suggested that we might enjoy showing her so we decided to give it a shot. We attended our first show in August 2010 and Nalla did so well receiving a 3rd place final in her very first ring in her very first show. Needless to say we were hooked from that point on! At the Birmingham, AL show on January 29-30th 2011 we proudly Grand Premiered our girl in a 3 show grand!

We have since added a brown classic and white male Maine Coon that we named Omega. We have been showing him and he has been doing very well and we hope that he will be granding soon! We knew that to really start learning about the breed we should show both a female and male in Premiership (meaning that they would not be breeder cats) just so we could really enjoy the breed and soak up lots of information. We have made some fantastic friends and have had great mentors to help us each step of the way. We continue to learn more and more about the breed. 

We have 3 children as well (all boys) ages 7-13. We have just started to introduce them to the cat show world and even have our oldest working at the shows now. They all have a huge devotion to our cats and shower them with love day and night. We know that with our loud and hectic family life the cats think it is a vacation to go to the cat shows just to get some peace! We are very lucky to have such wonderful children to help socialize and pamper our cats.  

We have now been blessed by our mentors by being able to start breeding our own beautiful Maine Coon cats. We recieved our first kitten a beautiful red classic male Maine Coon, who will be the start of our breeding program. We will be showing him in CFA for the 2011-2012 show season. We will be posting updates and pictures of him along the way. We acquired a beautiful Silver Patched Tabby and will be showing her as well. If all goes well, they have kittens sometime in 2012! I hope that you will check back with us often and follow our show career with our new additions and maybe even come meet us at a show! 

Jeff and Cheryl Holmes